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Grab Yatra Coupons When Planning Vacations

Planning vacations is a time-consuming process. Not, if you have Yatra to help you. They will not only plan it all for you, according to your wish, but also according to your budget with the help of some amazing Yatra coupons, deals, discounts and cashback offers. Vikatan brings them all to you here.

You may want to visit international destinations like Europe, USA, Thailand, Singapore etc. Or you may be planning a domestic holiday; scan this Vikatan page for the best and latest Yatra coupons for buses, hotels and flights. If you think that taking flights to travel within India is just an unnecessarily high cost for your trip, you will change your mind once you see the discount you can get with some Yatra coupons for domestic flights. Compared with the cost and the time investment in train travelling, you will realise that the odds are tipped in favour of boarding a flight with the help of Yatra domestic flight coupons.

For last minute travel plans, there are the Yatra coupons for bus tickets. And it does not end at just making your travelling part easy. You can also make your vacation stay much more comfortable with the Yatra coupons for hotels which will bring down hotel costs drastically for you, making a wider selection of hotels available to you.

Yatra – Making It Easier For Travellers

One of the top online travel companies in India, Yatra was launched in 2006. With an aim to create happy travellers all around, this travel portal provides booking facility for hotels, domestic and international flights, buses, tains, cruises and other holiday packages. So, be it business travel or leisure travel, Yatra offers you a solution that will make it all the more easier for you.

Today, Yatra’s ever-growing catalogue includes over 50,176 hotels in India and 5,00,000 hotels around the world. And it’s success can be clearly seen in the fact that the portal is now booking on average 20,000 domestic flight tickets and 7,500 hotels and holiday packages daily. And these numbers are only growing with time. Apart from an excellent and hassle-free booking and information service, Yatra also offers its customers a 24×7 multi-lingual customer service, a nation-wide network of holiday lounges, a lowest air-fare finder tool and Yatra Travel Express stores.

Look Out For Special Yatra Discount Coupons

If you have not yet tried online ticket booking, start your journey with Yatra. Or if you have not tried Yatra before this; you can get a special Yatra discount on your first transaction. Yes, you can easily save Rs 2,500 or more on your first flight booking with the new user Yatra discount coupons. Get the current and correct Yatra promo code for it, here on Vikatan.

Another special Yatra discount coupon can be found for the first time app users of the website. Yes, this impressive online travel portal brings all that convenience of booking holidays and travel to the smartphone world, making it even more commodious. The Yatra app has a beautiful UI, smooth booking processes and offline access to tickets. So, for your next trip, you don’t even need a PC to make the arrangements; your mobile phone would be enough. And don’t forget to use your app specific Yatra discount coupons to save some extra money.

Apart from this, Yatra keeps offering special discount coupons for its loyal customers, during travelling seasons and during special occasions like New Year, Diwali, and other festivals. Most of the times these special Yatra discount coupons are for advance bookings. So, if you like planning well ahead, these coupons are for you.

Save More While Paying With Yatra Promo Codes

How much you can save on a flight or bus ticket or a hotel booking via Yatra, depends on how you make the payment in the end. If you decide to use a payment wallet or a debit or credit card, you can save some extra money as cashback or eCash (Yatra money). You will find different Yatra promo codes for booking domestic flights and international flights and you will find different Yatra promo codes for different bank cards and mobile wallets. The travel portal has tie ups with various banks, Mobkwik, Paytm, RuPay etc. And you will discover all the Yatra promo codes for HDFC, SBI, Visa and other cards and wallets, all here in one place. Compare which will save you the most money and make your payment using that promo code.